Senzo studio




CEO, FX Artist & Supervisor


CEO, FX Artist & Supervisor

“Whatever the goal is, we will achieve it and make it possible no matter what”

Founded by Rubén Hinarejos  & Sergio Nieto, SENZO STUDIO is an FX company specialized in Houdini based in Madrid, Spain. Emerged by the idea of providing the best visual effects and quality FX for all those companies who need either support with their projects or outsource them. Although it was minded and elaborated in 2012, it is 2020 when SENZO STUDIO started its services.


The experience of working and being in the big screen gave us an accurate point of view on how FX must be done on each work, taking care of every detail to have every shot ready to shine.

Composed of great TDs and FX Artists, our purpose is to combine Houdini FX services with a solid base of CGI generalism, resulting in a great variety for all kind of VFX ranging from modeling, animation and lighting to FX such as: Particles and Grains, Destructions, Fire, Smoke and Volumes, Liquids, Crowds, Cloth and Vellum, and more



SENZO STUDIO has been present on films, advertising, music videos and motion graphics, and has collaborated with brands such as: Disney, Warner Bros, Legendary, Paramount Pictures, FOX, Netflix, HBO, and Sky, among others.